Load testing, how it should be


Key Features

Record tests from inside your browser

Loadzen's unique Google Chrome extension means you can record your load test scenarios from right inside your browser, no complicated test scripts needed.

Free for small tests, pay as you go for larger tests

Run load tests of up to 25 virtual users completely free, then when you want to start testing with larger volumes, simply pay for what you use.

Load, stress and soak tests

Loadzen supports any kind of test you require - test your site against one-off traffic spikes, ongoing high volume load or variable, custom traffic patterns. We'll make it easy.


We keep things simple

Our service lives in the cloud and will grow and shrink to meet the scale of your tests - this means that you can run large, complex tests without having to worry about resources, runtime costs or license fees. Because we live in the cloud, we can pass our infrastructure savings onto you, making our service highly cost effective.

To top things off, you will only ever pay for what you use: no monthly subscriptions, weekly plans or time-based fees and you can do whatever you want: no bandwidth caps, no run-limits or daily run limits.

Real-time and detailed data

You run your test - we show you the results, as they come in. Our system is real-time and will report the status of your test as it runs.

Loadzen is also gentle: if we detect your server is timing out more than it should - the system will back off. If your site starts throwing regular and frequent errors, Loadzen will stop. Basically, Loadzen won't waste your time and will make sure the results we report are accurate and timely.

Our analysis tool will break down your results at the end of a test, showing a graph for each of your test scenarios, as well as aggregate graphs in an unbranded format for easy pasting into reports and presentations.

Flexible pricing, and free to try

We don't believe in capping your bandwidth or number of runs per day or anything else that could get between you and getting your results. Our tests are individually priced so you can tweak them to match your budget.

Since we're cloud-based - you can build complex tests that scale to up to 24k users without having to worry about the costs of managing a cluster of test systems. We quote for each test individually so you know exactly how much your test will cost before you run it.

Create complex tests with ease

Use our unique Chrome extension to build your test cases - simply record, upload and test, easy as that.

With Loadzen you can set up multi-scenario tests that emulate real users, filling out forms and clicking on links. You can 'mix' these scenarios to mimic how real users would behave on your site.

Loadzen also enables low-level test changes, enabling you to ramp-up at varying speeds (for stress testing) as well as changing the accuracy of a test (lower accuracy tests are cheaper and faster).


Under 25 users


Up to 25 Virtual users in ramp up or custom tests

Unlimited number of tests

Full reporting and analysis


Load and Performance


Up to 24k virtual users

Unlimited number of tests

Full reporting and analysis

On-demand pricing for each test


Stress and Soak

$ 0.55 /1000 users per minute

Up to 24k virtual users

Unlimited number of tests

Full reporting and analysis


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