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Optmize WordPress for Load Testing

There are many blog posts out and about that discuss how to optimise your WordPress site, usually they focus purely on front-end optimisation - the optimisation you do to your HTML, asset delivery and compression or purely on back-end optimisation.

Any seasoned developer will know that it's a combination of both of these factors that needs to be addressed even if it isn't necessarily your speciality domain.

This post sets out to give a (somewhat) comprehensive set of optimisations that can be done both on the front end, and the back end of your WordPress site

Need performance? Consider a flat file site

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Flat file sites are highly performant under load tests
No, that isn't a joke, and we haven't gone through a time-warp back to the 1990's. You can put away your copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver (how old am I, right?), we're not talking about those kinds of flat file sites.